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Caramelised White Choc Keto Shake

Caramelised White Choc Keto Shake
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Recipe by : @goketo4kat (IG)

250mls unsweetened almond milk
40g caramelised white choc protein
100g frozen cauliflower
5g psyllium husk
40mls thickened cream
10-15 drops of Vital Zing Caramel Milk Drops
Optional: 20mls sugar free caramel topping 

1. Pour the caramel topping around the inside of the cup to give a dripping effect
2. Blitz the rest of the ingredients in a bullet until smooth. Taste for sweetness and add more drops if required.
3. Allow to rest a few minutes to allow the psyllium husk to thicken and then pour in your desired cup.
4. Top with some grated sugar free white choc. 

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