By Staun Popham

Strawberry Coconut Chocolate


RECIPE & PHOTO : @mz_keto (IG)

24g Coconut Rough White Chocolate
24g Coconut oil
20 drops of Strawberry Milk Drops

1. Melt down 24g of Coconut Rough White Chocolate on a low heat

2. While melting white chocolate, mix 24g of melted coconut oil with 20 drops of Strawberry Milk Drops and pour into moulds.

3. Once chocolate has melted add a drop of pink colouring. Mix and pour into silicon moulds

4. Use a knife to mix chocolate around. Set in freezer for 15mins and enjoy!

Alternative to Coconut Rough Chocolate : Any flavoured white or dark chocolate
Keep a board under silicon moulds to prevent spillage
Colouring is optional

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