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Berries & Cream Parfaits

Berries & Cream Parfaits
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Recipe by: Mona from 


50 mls thickened cream
Vital Zing Milk Drops (strawberry, chocolate or banana)
Jelly lite - any flavour but I usually use raspberry 
60g mixed berries 
15g crushed walnuts

* Make the jelly as per packet instructions the day before 
* Add your desired milk drop flavour to the cream and beat until peaks form.
* In a dessert cup start layering the parfait:

1) 2 - 3 tbs jelly
2) Half the cream mixture
3) Half the berries
4) 2 - 3 tbs jelly
5) Remaining cream mixture
6) Remaining berries

Top with the crushed walnuts and enjoy!

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