• Ginger Beer Soda Drops
  • Ginger Beer Soda Drops
  • Ginger Beer Soda Drops

Ginger Beer Soda Drops

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Love a true homemade DIY ginger beer? Here's another game changer! Transform your carbonated water into a spiced ginger brew without the unnecessary ingredients. 

Vital Zing Soda Drops are natural water/flavour enhancers with no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colouring and extra low carbs. They replicate the traditional fizzy drinks we've grown up around BUT without the unnecessary ingredients. That's right you can now replace your sugar laden fizzies with a cleaner healthier alternative!

There's approximately 20 serves in every bottle with a long shelf life and no refrigeration required. Portable, convenient, versatile and cost effective. Just add 40 drops to a glass of carbonated/soda/sparkling water, adjust to taste and instantly you have your guilt free alternative to traditional fizzy drinks.

The idea is to provide those who are addicted to soda drinks a healthier option without the unhealthy sugars, preservatives, and other unnecessary ingredients which are found in most soda drinks. Here's to another game changer!


(When made as recommended)
Servings per pack : 20
Serving size : 200ml (40 drops or 1.5ml per 200ml of fizzy/carbonated/soda/sparkling water, adjust to taste)

Energy - 16kJ
4 Cal
Protein - 0g
Fat total - 0g
- saturated - 0g
Carbohydrates - 0.2g
- sugars 0g
Dietary Fibre - 0g
Sodium - 0mg

Water, Natural Acidity Regulator, Natural Flavour Natural Sweetener (Stevia/SteviolGlycosides)

  • No artificial flavours

  • No artificial colours

  • Zero sugar

  • Keto friendly

  • Non GMO

  • Vegan

Add to a drink bottle, sparkling or Still

However you love to hydrate, a few drops is all you need to make water even more delicious so you'll be sipping all day long.

P.S. Parents, Water Drops might be your new secret weapon - kids love 'em.

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